Looking for a Holistic Drug Rehab in Hemet, CA?

drug rehab in hemet

Hemet, California, is most famous for having the longest-running outdoor play until 2020. The city is also known for its perfect year-round climate, outdoor activities, and its lay-back vibe.

It also tries to help those struggling with addiction to drugs and alcohol. Although if you’re looking for holistic health services to help combat your mental illnesses, you might want to head on over to the next city.

Any drug rehab in Hemet, CA, does not offer services relating to holistic health. If you’re suffering from addiction and would like to receive holistic health therapy, continue reading how New Leaf Detox in San Juan Capistrano can help you.

What Is Holistic Therapy

Holistic therapy involves using non-modern medicine in helping those combating illness to recover and to become healthy. The method used in holistic therapy is to help promote people’s health through their mind, spirit, and body.

The treatment used in holistic health includes exercising, meditation, detoxing, and healthy eating. In holistic therapy, the doctors find that medication use is often not needed and instead focus on helping addicts to recover by detoxing and creating healthy alternatives to their addiction.

A question you might have is, “What does holistic therapy look like in drug rehab.” To answer your question, the treatments would often include:

  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • Guided Meditation
  • Massage Therapy
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Counseling
  • Acupuncture

Another question you might have is, “Does holistic therapy actually help?” In the next sections, you will find how a drug rehab that focuses on healing in a holistic approach can help you recover and find a drug rehab in Hemet.

How Can Holistic Therapy Help With Addiction

A holistic therapy program entails a variety of non-medical approaches to help you with your recovery from addiction. If you’re trying to find a holistic drug rehab in Hemet, your choices are very slim, and they will be hard to find. It will be beneficial for you to look south, in southern California.

The holistic therapist will provide treatments that aim to improve one’s mental and physical health. In addition to considering addiction’s emotional and nutritional aspects, a therapist will address these aspects in the treatment process.

For example, an addict might have trouble sleeping, eating, and handling their emotions while recovering from addiction. Therefore, when rehab centers offer holistic plans, they strive to remain flexible and gentle when treating addicts.

Below are some of the main objectives a drug rehab would include in their holistic therapy plan:

  • Determining the root causes of addiction
  • Helping addicts become more resistant to cravings
  • Helping addicts enjoy physical activity more
  • Helping an addict understand the importance of self-love and self-confidence
  • Making drugs and alcohol less appealing

Addiction can impact your life in several ways, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. A holistic approach to treating addiction in drug rehab will blend in traditional methods to help you overcome your struggling problems.

But how effective is the treatment of holistic therapy? Unfortunately, there has not been much scientific research on the effectiveness of a holistic approach to treating addiction.

However, you should still consider holistic therapy treatment if the traditional methods in recovery from addiction are not working for you or find them unhelpful. Holistic therapy teaches addicts to become in tune with their “inner self” and not find the need to use drugs or alcohol to help with problems they face in life.

The Different Types of Holistic Addiction Therapies

There are different types of methods drug rehabs are using in Holistic therapy to help people during their process of recovery from addiction. Some of the most common forms of holistic addiction therapies are below.


Yoga is a form of exercise that teaches you to treat your body kindly. It helps addicts to reduce anxiety and find a different method in handling their emotions.

By finding a new way to control their feelings, many addicts find an approach when combating the need to turn to drugs. Yoga helps you stretch and move the body. In modern yoga, the three components are:

  • Movement in different poses
  • Breathing sequences
  • Meditating

Many drug rehabs are using yoga as a complementary, holistic method. The activities within modern yoga help center an addict’s mind and body into the present moment.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

A form of an evidence-based intervention to help those suffering from trauma, anxiety, and depression when recovering from addiction. In the present day, past trauma may activate your flight or fight response. For example, if you suffer from child abuse in your youth, you could suffer from depression as an adult due to it.

To recover from past trauma, EMDR helps you discover how your brain naturally heals itself. Under stress, your body goes into survival mode and cannot distinguish between present or past problems as “danger.” As a result, traumatizing events may be more brutal to process and move on from.

Through EMDR therapy, a psychologist will help you identify the past events holding you back from living in the present. Then, you’ll talk about how to replace negative emotions due to the event with positive ones.

Finally, your therapist will guide you to keep yourself grounded in the present through rapid eye movements. The goal is to naturally process events in 6-12 sessions and not let them take you back to memories.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is about being in the present moment and not allowing emotions to overwhelm you. There are several ways to practice meditation through walking, seating, and other movements.

The meditation practice encourages you to focus on your breathing when thoughts arrive, acknowledge them, and focus back on your breathing. During drug rehab, meditation is encouraged to help one manage cravings, emotions, and other triggers they may face.


It takes time for your body to recover from the use of drugs, as they can linger in the body for a while. Acupuncture is an eastern medicine to help ease the effects of detoxing from drugs and alcohol.

Some of the effects it can help with are nausea, body aches, and irritability. For example, through NADA Ear Acupuncture, studies have shown it to increase energy, promote positivity, and decrease alcohol use.

These are not the only methods a drug rehab will use to treat drugs and alcohol while using a holistic approach. Some other methods include Reiki healing, art therapy, and nutritional therapy.

Trying to Find the Best Drug Rehab in Hemet, CA Area Using a Holistic Approach

Now you know all about holistic therapies and the approaches that are used.

If you’re looking for drug rehab in Hemet, CA, using a holistic approach, then the options are very slim and hard to find. Our team of Holistic therapists at New Leaf Detox offers a different approach in helping those who are recovering from addiction.

When you’re ready to relieve help through holistic therapy to combat your addiction, contact us today!