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Cannabis, also known as marijuana, weed, or pot is a mind-altering drug that is grown all over the world.  More recently, a lot of people have been smoking marijuana for medical reasons but more often than not it has been for personal reasons.  Marijuana is known to relax or reduce anxiety for some.  This has caused individuals to grow dependent on the drug to carry out everyday tasks like going to work, running errands, or socializing with friends.  If you or your loved one are addicted to cannabis, our marijuana rehab in Orange County, CA could be right for you. 

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Marijuana Addiction Treatment

What Is Marijuana?

Marijuana refers to the dry often sticky leaves from a hemp plant called Cannabis sativa.  In the plant one can find two natural compounds, cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).  These two natural compounds are what affects the individual’s mind and body and make them feel relaxed or high. 

It can be consumed in many forms but some of the more popular ones would be rolling it and smoking it like a cigarette, smoking it through a bong, or consuming it by incorporating it in your food known as edibles.  Although there are some benefits of marijuana, many people grow a dependence on the drug and end up becoming addicted, thus needing proper medical treatment.      

Is Marijuana Actually Addictive?

The short answer is yes. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has stated that almost 10 percent of people across the United States who frequently use or abuse marijuana will see that becoming addicted to the drug is the result. This likelihood of marijuana addiction occurring in these instances increases from 10 to 17 percent when habits of using the drug begin during the teen years. This percentage takes a drastic leap to anywhere between 25 and 50 percent when marijuana is recreationally used every day.

Promoters and other people who support the use of marijuana often express how the drug is completely harmless and safe because of its organic roots. Much of their efforts are basically geared towards getting others to believe that marijuana does not have any addictive tendencies like those that come from other drug and alcohol abuse. Unfortunately, those efforts are just not backed by scientific evidence.

The trained drug addiction and mental health specialists at New Leaf’s addiction treatment facility in San Juan Capistrano provide the best evidence-based treatment options for both men and women anywhere in Southern California.

How to Tell If Marijuana Use Requires a Treatment Program

A lot of people often claim that marijuana is harmless and should not be considered in any substance abuse drugs. In some states, it is even wholly legal to use specific amounts of marijuana sparingly. Because of this, many people find it challenging to recognize when using marijuana could potentially be causing health problems, some severe enough to require abuse treatment from a proper addiction center before seeing improvements to the user’s physical or mental health state.

The Mayo Clinic has proven to be an excellent resource for anyone wanting to do more research and learn about the various symptoms that may confirm the development of an addiction to marijuana.

Common signs and symptoms that are frequently seen include:

Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Continuous failed attempts when trying to stop using marijuana

Marijuana Addiction Treatment

The consistent need to use marijuana regularly, often multiple times each day

Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Hoarding the drug and being very protective of it

Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Experiencing sudden urges or cravings to use more

Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Making poor financial decisions to support habits of using marijuana

Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Continually building up a tolerance to it, leading to higher and more frequent doses

Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Not participating in essential activities or previously enjoyed hobbies because of the need to use the drug

Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Effects of Frequent Marijuana Use

Reports have shown that marijuana may not have such a powerful addictive grasp on an individual compared to other common drug addictions and alcoholism. Marijuana addiction, though, comes with an accompanying psychological addiction causing dual diagnosis conditions that have been seen as being extremely difficult for some people to overcome. Common behavioral disorders such as gambling addictions exhibit the strength that some mental dependencies can have on a person.

Ironically, Gallup conducted a poll the showed the majority of Americans being in favor of legalizing marijuana. This poll took place in 2013 when in just the previous year, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) claimed that over 950,000 Americans received some form of help from a treatment center for marijuana use-related issues.

Much of this perception people have about how marijuana is not addictive originates at the fact that many people do not show physical symptoms and may be able to still function at a high level. Just because someone is not showing the unattractive and sometimes horrific side-effects that appear with someone addicted to dangerous substances such as meth or heroin certainly does not mean that their dependence on marijuana is not causing the user any harm.

Common Risks Associated With Marijuana Use

There is a wide variety of both short and long-term effects that can be caused when using marijuana. Obviously, the symptoms vary from one person to another because of several contributing factors such as the user’s size, medical history, or any pre-existing conditions, to name a few. Industry professionals agree that among the most common negative side-effects of long-term marijuana abuse include:

Brain Health

Studies have shown that frequent and long-term use or abuse of marijuana can cause permanent damage to the brain. Often this damage directly contributes to as much as an 8 point IQ loss if the abuse started at an early age. It should be understood that many of these damages will not return, even after the use of marijuana is completely eliminated for the rest of your life.

Driving Under the Influence

Those individuals who choose to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of marijuana can cause numerous dangerous effects to both themselves and others on the road. A couple of these effects are: decrease in coordination, difficulty reacting to important sounds and signals, slower reactions, and weaving in between lanes.

Athletic Abilities and Performance

Despite the different professional sports organizations negotiating whether marijuana should be an included substance in the drug violation testing, tests have proven that marijuana affects an athlete’s overall performance. The main performance aspects that are affected include: coordination, timing, and movement speed.

Daily Routines

The use of marijuana has shown to affect performance at one point or another that determines how successful people can be during crucial times in life. Further research has shown how marijuana users are more likely to experience: relationship complications with both family members and close friends, decreased number of goals and career achievements that are met, overall satisfaction of life rarely meets the user’s expectations, schoolwork and other daily responsibilities receiving more frequent adverse outcomes.

Mental Health

Specific reports have gone on to explain the link between moderate and severe depression to the use of marijuana, as well as anxiety and many other forms of psychotic episodes. Although tests have resulted in this conclusion, there is no definitive scientific evidence that has been found that directly correlates marijuana as being the primary cause.

Health and Development of Unborn Babies

When the user of marijuana continues their habits during pregnancy, it is vital to know any complications that the may drug may be causing. An article on marijuana and pregnancy published by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA) professionals layout that some of these effects are: Various growth restrictions, Stillbirth Premature and other dangerous issues at birth, brain development complications that often directly result in decreased cognitive functioning abilities and hyperactivity.

Finding Treatment at New Leaf

Treating and recovering from marijuana addiction can be a difficult process. At New Leaf Detox and Treatment, we only use evidence-based practices that have proven to be effective to help you overcome your substance use disorder. Our medical and admissions staff will work with you to develop a treatment plan that adheres to your specific needs. 

Our rehab in San Juan Capistrano offers a variety of treatments such as residential living and continuing care programs that are all designed to encourage a successful recovery. Learn more about the treatment programs we offer for marijuana addiction, we can help you build a life of lasting recovery.

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