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About Us

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to equip our clients with the knowledge, life skills, spiritual tool kit and emotional support to produce a meaningful character transformation necessary for sustained long-term recovery. Together we work diligently with our clients to uncover, discover, and discard; to unearth the authentic self in each client, healing the underlying causes of addiction.
With a client-focused philosophy that acknowledges and embraces the unique strengths, experiences, and needs that each person brings to the treatment process, New Leaf Detox and Treatment is uniquely prepared to provide the life-changing care that will empower men and women to overcome their chemical dependence and mental health issues and make the other changes that will support their successful pursuit of happier and healthier futures, free from the constraints of addiction.
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We view sobriety and recovery as a process of change and transformation. Our name, New Leaf, is a metaphor for the change and transformation that begins for our clients when they commit to walking through our doors, and for our commitment to helping them turn over a new leaf, in all the ways we can.

Deeply sensitive to the challenges and the courage it takes for someone to walk through our doors.

We offer professional knowledge, understanding, respect, caring, and support, and commit to helping them through their journey to reclaim their lives through addiction treatment best practices and exemplars in evidence-based standards of care.

We see each person as an individual, with their own narrative and backstory, with unique and singular needs that need to be met with specialized, individualized treatment. We listen to your needs to help you begin your journey to full recovery. 

Our Vision

We wish for everyone who walks through our doors to receive the full array of tools, specific treatment, and vital resources they need to live their best life, free of pain and addiction. 

Experienced Professionals Dedicated To Your Success

Our Staff

About Us

Dr. Sanjai Thankachen - Medical Director

Dr. Sanjai Thankachen graduated from Adichunchanagiri Institute of Medicine in 2000. He completed his residency in psychiatry in 2008 from Creedmoor Psychiatric Center in New York, where fifty percent of his rotations were at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. After his residency he worked at Ventura County Medical Centers in an adult out-patient setting and now lives in Orange County, California.
Dr. Thankachen is currently working with Pacific Neuropsychiatric Specialists in an out-patient practice, as well as working at multiple in-patient psychiatric and medical
units bringing his patients the most advanced health care treatment in psychiatry. Dr. Thankachen sees patients with an array of disorders, including
depression, bipolar illness, schizophrenia, anxiety, and dementia-related problems.
Dr. Thankachen is also involved in professional organizations and societies in good standing including the American Psychiatric Association, Indian Medical Association, and the Karnataka Medical Association.

About Us

Dr. Tami Tucker - Clinical Supervisor

Dr. Tami Tucker has been a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Organizational Psychologist for over 20 years. She has been working with clients struggling with addiction in both inpatient and outpatient settings for the length of her career. She applies her unique skill set to not only treating those with co-occurring disorders, but as a consultant in helping organizations develop and improve programs. 

She mentors, trains and supervises interns as they earn their clinical hours toward being licensed. Her approach to supervision and training is to insure that these therapists thoroughly understand the standards of care in treating addiction and co-occurring disorders and that they provide state-of-the-art therapy techniques/approaches so that their clients have the best chance to not only recover from their addiction but optimize their lives.

About Us

Josh Hamburg - Executive Director

Josh graduated from University of California, San Diego Extension in 2015 with a Certificate in Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling. He graduated from Saddleback College in 2016 with an Associates of Arts in Psychology. He received a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology at California State University, Fullerton in 2020. Josh is a Certified Addiction and Dependence Counselor – Clinical Supervisor and Internationally Certified Clinical Supervisor (CADC-CS, ICCS).

Josh has been working in recovery since 2013 and has served in multiple capacities in drug and alcohol treatment —as Resident Assistant, House Manager, Detox Resident Assistant, Court Liaison, Intake Assistant, Operations Supervisor, Drug and Alcohol Counselor, Case Manager, Director of Business Development, Clinical Supervisor, Clinical Director, and Program Director. He provides consulting for various behavioral health organizations on Start-Up, Licensing and Accreditation, Staffing, and general Program Development. Josh serves as our Executive Director. 

In his private life, Josh enjoys spending quality time with his son, watching sports, playing poker, and attending music festivals and concerts — Josh estimates he has seen between 1500 and 2000 live concerts.

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Christine Hughes - Program Director

Christine has worked in the treatment industry since 2015.  She has worked as a Detox Technician, House Manager, Driver, Support Staff and Quality Compliance Officer before joining the New Leaf team in March of 2020.  Christine has a passion for helping others and is in the process of furthering her career in the as an Emergency Medical Technician with hope to become a Paramedic.  She is well established in the Orange County recovery community, and in her freetime enjoys riding horses, snowboarding, enjoying her three beautiful children, and going to the gym. 

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Paul Gregory - Clinical Director

Paul Gregory is the Clinical Director at New Leaf Detox and Treatment. He graduated with High Honors from Saddleback College with a 4.0 GPA in Alcohol & Drug Studies, and received the Occupational Skills Award for Eating Disorders Studies. Paul has worked in the Substance Abuse and Co-Occuring disorders field since 2016. He is proud to provide service to those struggling with substance use disorder in order to help rebuild a foundation for their lives. In describing his perspective on his job, Paul said, “I love what I do with a passion, and it is my goal to provide each and every person I meet here with an effective and efficient treatment experience that will plant a seed to grow into long-term sobriety.” Paul is a Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor (CATC-I), and is eager to continue his career working in the addiction treatment industry.

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Bryce Poirier - Operations Manager

Bryce began working in treatment after moving from Denton, Texas in 2015. Since then, he has taken on multiple roles during his career in the treatment industry. Initially working as an Operations Technician & Detox Technician, he gained experience over the years coordinating care for thousands of individuals seeking treatment in Southern California. He has always had a passion for helping others, and believes that working with those suffering from addiction is his calling. In his free time, Bryce enjoys running, playing poker, and spending time with friends and family.

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Alex Hall - Director Of Admissions

Alex is a dedicated and passionate worker who has served in a variety of roles in the Addiction Treatment industry since 2017. He began his career in operations, serving as Support Staff, House Manager, Operations Direction, and Compliance Coordinator. He is also a proficient clinician, and has served as a Case Manager, Primary Counselor, and Group Facilitator. He has a special eye for insurance standards, and ran the Utilization Review department of a large organization in Orange County.  He also provides consulting for various facilities and entrepreneurs in the Greater Los Angeles area. He is a Graduate of Sober College for Addiction Counseling. In his free time Alex is an avid mountain biker and skier, and enjoys spending quality time with his beautiful blue-nose pit-bull named Benny. 

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Ashley Gerken - Primary Therapist

Ashley has worked in Behavioral Health treatment since 2013. She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology at Urbana University after obtaining a lacrosse and academic scholarship. She completed her Master’s in Forensic Psychology in order to obtain Licensure as a Professional Clinical Counselor. Ashley has worked as a Primary Therapist since 2016, with a concentration on treatment substance abuse and trauma. She is currently completing her Doctorate in Psychology and completing her dissertation. She is passionate about working with those suffering with addiction as well as volunteering with veterans as well as LGBT+ community. 

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Andrew D. Bennett, CADC III - Drug And Alcohol Counselor

Andy Bennett entered the chemical dependency treatment field in 1977. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Human Services from SUNY Empire State College. He has served as a counseling supervisor but enjoys “just being a counselor” the most. “I love seeing people get well,” Andy says. Andy frequently provides professional training for the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals and has served as an Alcohol and Drug Counselor instructor for CCAPP-approved college curriculum. He is a published author in the field of addictive disease treatment and a frequent contributor to state and national conferences. Andy is a recipient of the Eagle Feather for Contributions to Native American Recovery and listed by invitation; Marquis Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare. In his spare time, Andy, who goes by “Bennett,” plays Afro-Cuban Percussion at San Diego Salsa nightclubs and sits in with Latin jazz groups.

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Rashad Eddings - Alumni Coordinator and Behavioral Health Technician

Rashad is an integral part of creating comfort and compassion for the clientele at New Leaf Detox and Treatment . Due to his hard work, clients and coworkers adore working with him daily. He brings a sense of hope to those around him. He has been sober since 2019, actively practices a 12-step recovery program, and carries the message to newcomers through step work. Rashad expressed desire to see the underdogs win as his main motivation for working in treatment. He is a dedicated and compassionate man who aims to be the greatest version of himself, one unexpected by those around him. He is currently enrolled in Orange Coast College completing the aviation mechanic program. Fun fact about Rashad: He enjoys mustard on his pizza and enjoys rugby.

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Maarten Dijkstra - Music Group Facilitator

Maarten Dijkstra has worked in the recovery field for the last 4 years as a case manager and group facilitator. He loves helping other addicts and people struggling in general and is very involved in a 12 step program. Outside of work Maarten loves surfing and has recently discovered his love for minimalist backpacking and hiking off trail. Maarten loves making music, and has been playing instruments since 4th grade when he started with piano. Lately he has gotten into producing experimental electronic music on his computer with a keyboard and midi controller, as well as incorporating guitar and other instruments into his tracks. He loves sharing the gifts he’s received from recovery. “The life I live now is a total blessing, and I want others to experience the joy I have now, and making music and expressing creativity has been a major part of the joy I get from recovery.”

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Jonathan Agajanian - Behavioral Health Technician

Jonny has been a Registered Drug and Alcohol Technician since 2018. He brings with him a variety of skills that help him work with individuals who suffer from substance use disorders. Jonny has an educational background in human services and is in recovery himself. His own experiences with addiction and alcoholism allow him to bring compassion, empathy, and a relatable approach to his work.  

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Tisha Rodriguez - (Graveyard) Lead Behavioral Health Technician

Tisha has been with New Leaf Detox since March of 2020. Her 12 years of experience in the treatment industry has made her a valuable member of the team focusing on management, administration, employee development and bilingual communication.  Tisha has a Bachelors in Psychology and Medical Technicians license and is CPR/First Aid certified.  At home she is a mother of 4 beautiful children and enjoys baking and cooking. She hopes to go back to school to become an LMFT.

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Tracey Wilson, LVN - Behavioral Health Technician

Tracey was born and raised in San Juan Capistrano has been working in the medical field since 2014. After obtaining her LVN license she decided to pursue a career in addiction and substance abuse disorders. Tracey has a working knowledge of 12 step programs and is passionate towards a life of sobriety and helping others.  In her free time, she likes to go to T-street beach , watch true crime documentaries, and cooking for friends. 

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Paul Martin - Behavioral Health Technician

Born and raised in Long Island NY, Paul came to California to start a new life in.  As an active member of 12-Step Programs, Paul has gained deep insight and experience to help others struggling with addiction through altruism, acts of services, and sharing knowledge about life in recovery.  He is grateful for the opportunity to serve as a Noc Detox Technician and dedicates his sobriety to giving hope for a better life.

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Jill Joliff - Behavioral Health Technician

Jill has been working in substance abuse treatment since 2018. She has a passion for guiding newcomers in their early recovery. One of her goals is to pursue a career in Drug and Alcohol Counseling. She brings joy and happiness to clients and has a sense of humility and care in her work. She really enjoys being outside and hiking in her free time. She brings hope and light to those who know her.

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Troy Shenker - Behavioral Health Technician

Troy received a Bachelor’s in Science from the Art Institute of San Diego majoring in Hospitality Management.  His focus here at New Leaf is to help people struggling with addiction and substance abuse.  Using his experience as a combat veteran in the military serving in Operation Enduring Freedom in Kuwait and the North Arbian Gulf, Troy possesses unique compassion and determination in his work.  In his free time he enjoys music, cooking, and travel, and someday he aspires to own his own treatment center and speak publicly as a recovery advocate.

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Edward Diggin - Behavioral Health Technician

Edward is passionate about working with those suffering from addiction. He obtained his Bachelor’s of Science in Management and Economics in 2018 from the University of Massachusetts Boston. He is a combat veteran, Army Corps of Engineers. His focus is to increase personal development and growing his experience in the field of addiction treatment to advance his career. He is currently working on obtaining his RAD-T.

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