Partial Hospitalization Program In Laguna Niguel, (PHP) Orange County, California

There are many choices in alcohol and drug rehab programs, each has special things that make them slightly different. On the extreme ends are outpatient rehab and inpatient rehab. Partial Hospitalization program, or PHP, is in between these programs in the level of intensity. PHP is less known than other types of rehab but can be a good option in some circumstances. New Leaf Detox and Treatment provides PHP programs and treatment in Laguna Niguel.

What is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

Partial Hospitalization programs are a type of outpatient rehab. However, PHP is more intensive and strict than basic outpatient addiction treatment. PHP consists of many of the same therapies as other rehabs.

PHP includes 1 on 1 therapy, group therapy, activities, and the same processes as other types of rehab, but the main difference lies in staying at home and having some flexibility instead of committing to a 1 to 3 month stay in inpatient rehab. Not everyone can stay in inpatient rehab due to responsibilities they cannot put off. The program is more intensive than regular outpatient programs though and require a larger commitment. Staying at home does open you up to the possibility of relapse, triggers, and temptations, however it is better than other options and we try to be flexible enough to get patients to commit to rehab in any form we can.

What therapies and activities are available in a PHP?

PHP is intensive, so you will spend a large majority of time in the actual outpatient facility. Many of the same therapies you get in inpatient rehab are done in PHP such as 1 on 1 therapy to get to the root of your addiction. Group therapy to build relationships and support systems, outdoor activities to help build healthy habits, exploring your triggers and stressors and finding coping mechanisms are all part of PHP. The one major difference is you are not in the facility 100 percent of the time and can go home to sleep.

How do I know if PHP is the right program for me?

Staying at home is a double edged sword, meaning it can be good or bad. PHP allows you to stay at home which opens up the possibility of relapse and puts you in the path of temptation before you are ready to deal with it. However PHP is better than no rehab at all if you have responsibilities that require a more flexible situation than a 1 to 3 month inpatient commitment. If you have stress at home or at work, or an unstable home life, or access to the substance you abuse, PHP may not be right for you. If you do have a stable support system though it can be a good option. Just remember getting treatment no matter how much is better than none!

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