Cocaine Rehab in San Juan Capistrano

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Cocaine Rehab in San Juan Capistrano
Cocaine Rehab in San Juan Capistrano

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

According to an article published in 2013, the National Institute on Drug Abuse reported that cocaine alone was the cause of nearly six percent of all individuals admitted into an addiction recovery rehab center across the United States. New Leaf in San Juan Capistrano specializes in drug addictions and alcoholism treatment programs.

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Since just short of seventy percent of all people who entered into mental health and drug rehab treatment facilities turned out to be polydrug users, our team of experts in Orange County works hard to include dual diagnosis as one of the available evidence-based options at our beautiful treatment center in San Juan Capistrano, California.

Polydrug: When someone involves themselves with or chooses to simultaneously take more than one kind of illegal drug.

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Why is Using Cocaine So Addictive?

Cocaine is a widely-known addictive illicit substance that is seen to be the culprit of a vast number of consequences. The drug keeps users coming back for more because of the sudden increase of dopamine that is rapidly released within the body. Dopamine is a chemical that is found in the brain that stimulates feelings of happiness and pleasure. In many instances, the consistent use of cocaine causes the user to start being reliant on the inflated dopamine levels that had been produced by the use of cocaine.

Cocaine is considered one of the most potent stimulant drugs that can be found in today’s society. Cocaine has been proven to increase a person’s energy, alertness, self-confidence, and overall happiness. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to notice all of the potential negative consequences, many of which far outweigh any of the positive aspects that the drug has to offer. 

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The repeated use of this powerful stimulant drug will cause long-term changes in the brain’s reward system as well as other structural modifications to the body. The reward systems in the mind become accustomed to the additional amounts of dopamine released, which naturally causes the sensitivity to it to become less and less noticeable over time. This process results in people consistently wanting to take more extensive and more frequent doses of cocaine to be able to achieve the same high that they crave.

By increasing the amount of the drug that is taken, equal amounts of withdrawal symptoms present themselves when too much time passes between doses. Thus, cocaine addictions are formed because of the constant need to consume more of the drug to stay out of the reach of the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

Symptoms and Effects of Cocaine Use

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Most of the effects when someone uses cocaine are typically seen immediately. Those effects will then diminish within as early as a few minutes but can last for up to an hour.

Of course, a couple of contributing factors determine the length and intensity of the effects on the individual. A few common ones being the amount of the drug that is used and the method that is was administered.

Choosing to smoke the cocaine or inject it creates effects that appear quicker and more intense. Those methods will result in a shorter-lasting high than snorting the drug can produce, which is thought to be why it is the most common way cocaine is used.

Industry professionals and healthcare providers recommend that the common signs and symptoms of substance abuse habits such as cocaine addiction should be known to the potential user’s family members or friends. This knowledge could prevent many of the dangerous consequences associated with these habits, including the possibility of a fatal overdose.

The greater the knowledge is surrounding cocaine addiction, the better the outcome when choosing to confront the potential habit the close friend or family member may have developed. A few of the more common signs of cocaine abuse habits include:

If you are suspecting a close friend or family member to be using cocaine, try to be aware and look for these warning signs. 

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