Looking for Drug Rehab in Encinitas, CA?


California is not immune to drugs. More than 2,400 California residents died from an opioid overdose in 2018. Deaths from heroin are on the rise, as are transmissions of HIV from sharing needles. 

One reason for this high death toll is the lack of treatment centers in the state. When you hear about Encinitas rehab, you probably assume that there is good treatment within the city. That isn’t the case. 

What does Encinitas have to offer? What is drug rehab in Encinitas like? Where is a good place to get rehab outside the city? 

Answer these questions and you can end your dependence on harmful substances today. Here is your quick guide. 

The Basics of Encinitas 

Encinitas, California is located in San Diego County. It is twenty-five miles north of San Diego. This gives you proximity to the city for work while being far enough away from its excesses. 

Encinitas has a population of just over 59,500 residents. The city contains five distinct neighborhoods. 

The Old Encinitas area is a beachside community containing businesses and residential properties. As the name suggests, New Encinitas is a more modern area with shopping centers and a golf course. Cardiff-by-the-Sea faces the ocean and has art institutes and colleges. 

You can find nearly everything within the city. The San Diego Botanic Garden houses bamboo groves and a tropical rainforest. The La Paloma Theater screens classic movies and the latest blockbusters. 

Finding Encinitas Rehab and Drug Treatment

Yet one thing that the city is lacking is drug treatment centers. The Encinitas Advocate reported in November 2020 that San Diego County has three drug overdose deaths a day.

But the city has only a few small treatment centers. Places like the AToN Center claim that they offer comprehensive treatments. But they are designed for executives living in San Diego, charging high prices. 

There may be a few different reasons for the lack of centers. Many people stigmatize people with addiction. They regard addiction as a moral failing that a person can get off of through simple willpower. 

The ones who take addiction seriously focus on treatments that don’t work. Interventions can help make a person aware of how their addiction impacts their family.

But families need to provide more support than that. Some families need counseling of their own. Others need to get educated about what addiction is and how they should help. 

Many people with addiction have multiple addictions. But treatment professionals focus on one condition at a time. This leaves the person without the full support they need to live a healthy life. 

If you are in Encinitas and you need help with an addiction, you need to leave the city. Thankfully, you don’t have to go far to find help.

What New Leaf Has to Offer 

New Leaf Detox and Treatment is located in San Juan Capistrano. San Juan Capistrano lies in Orange County, north of Encinitas. This gives you a chance to leave locations that might encourage you to abuse substances. 

New Leaf offers comprehensive treatment for all addictions. The detox center allows an individual to cleanse their body of harmful substances.

Trained physicians treat withdrawal symptoms and conduct psychiatric evaluations of patients. They determine the care that patients will need in the future. 

Dual diagnosis treats people who have multiple addictions or an addiction and a mental health condition. They can receive a formal diagnosis of a condition like bipolar disorder if they haven’t got one already. 

If someone needs thorough treatment, they can go into in-patient rehab. They receive therapies like medication-assisted therapy. Medications reduce the urge to use substances and combat chronic withdrawal symptoms. 

Trauma-informed care helps people who have experienced trauma. Some people use substances to cope with uncomfortable events in their lives. Therapists run groups allowing individuals to share their stories and develop resilience strategies. 

New Leaf covers a wide range of addictions. People who are dependent on alcohol, heroin, and benzodiazepine can receive treatment. 

Your First Steps 

When you recognize that you need to get help, you should get help right away. Talk to someone you trust and tell them you are getting rehab in Encinitas and San Juan Capistrano.

You can call New Leaf at 949-570-6467. Get some more information about treatments, then schedule a date for you to arrive. 

Go to your boss and tell them that you would like medical leave. If you don’t feel comfortable saying that you are going to rehab, you don’t have to say that. 

If you have children or pets in your care, find someone who can take care of them for you. You do not have to say you are getting rehab. 

Pack some clothes and personal belongings. You can bring items like a diary or photographs, especially if they will help with your treatment. 

You can travel from Encinitas to San Juan Capistrano by car or train. If you arrive by train, hire a car to take you from the station to the center. 

When you walk in, you will receive a medical evaluation from a doctor. They may ask you some questions you find uncomfortable, including about traumatic events in your past.

Try to be as honest as you can. They are determining what treatments they should administer to you. 

Get the Help You Deserve

You deserve help. But those around you may not be offering assistance.

Encinitas, California is a beautiful oceanside city. It is a hub for shopping centers and the arts. 

Yet Encinitas rehab is lacking. A few private centers focus on treatments for wealthy people. People with addiction are marginalized and ignored. 

But New Leaf can help. We offer a plethora of therapies for all kinds of people, including those who have multiple addictions. Get medical leave, take care of your personal responsibilities, and then you can get help. You can take the first step right now. Contact us today.