Looking for Drug Rehab in Laguna Niguel, CA?

rehab in laguna niguel

Are you or a family member struggling with a drug addiction? Rest assured, you are far from alone.

Recent data shows that over 11% of over 12s in the US have used illicit drugs in the last month. Families from all backgrounds in Laguna Niguel are feeling the impact of drug addiction.  Happily, when it comes to drug rehab centers, great local choices are available.

Read on to learn more about rehab in Laguna Niguel.

Laguna Niguel, California

If you’re one of the more than 62,000 residents of Laguna Niguel, you don’t need us to tell you that it’s a pretty awesome place to live.

Nestled in Southern California’s beautiful Orange County, you’re right between LA and San Diego. The best of SoCal is on your doorstep! Sunny weather year-round, the stunning Pacific coastline, and world-class attractions just a short drive away.

As if that weren’t enough, Laguna Niguel enjoys a low crime rate and high standard of living. It’s home to parks and trails. Among their number is are the open spaces of Badlands Park, with access to the Laguna Ridge trail. This gives your magnificent views out over the Pacific Ocean.

There are many reasons why Laguna Niguel is an awesome place to live. But what about when you or a family member are looking for drug addiction treatments?

Rehab in Laguna Niguel

If you’re a local resident, then going to rehab in Laguna Niguel may seem like the obvious choice. When going through an important step in life, staying close to home may be tempting.

However, when thinking about drug rehab centers, other factors are involved. These include the reputation of the center – what do their references and reviews have to say? What do their statistics report?

Additionally, think about what’s best for you. You’re looking to move away from patterns and behaviors that have led to drug abuse. Going a little further afield can offer a degree of separation. This can be helpful in the rehabilitation journey.

Laguna Niguel offers all the benefits of a small city – but that also comes with some drawbacks. One of these can be a lack of choice in high-quality rehab facilities in town.

Just a 15 minute drive away is the city of San Juan Capistrano. This historic community is home to New Leaf Detox and Treatment. This high-quality center puts you right at the heart of their treatment plan.

Benefits of New Leaf Detox

New Leaf Detox is a great option for people going through a wide range of drug issues. They offer a range of services and therapies for different addictions.

Their philosophy is to give you the tools to transform your life. They see rehab, not as a one-off experience. Rather, its purpose is to equip you to change your character so that your recovery lasts a lifetime.

Addictions Treated

New Leaf Detox have treatment programs for the following addictions:

  • Alcohol
  • Heroin
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Stimulants
  • Benzodiazepine
  • Prescription drugs

What should you expect from an addiction treatment program? Treatment programs are not one size fits all. However, you can expect that they will fall into two main parts – detox and inpatient rehab.

Detox allows you to stop using the drug or substance you’re addicted to in a controlled environment. Everyone will have some withdrawal symptoms – we’ll be here to support you every step of the way.

Inpatient rehab will help you get to grips with why relapses happen. They’ll give you the confidence and skills to avoid them in the future.

Some people with drug addictions are also struggling with mental illness. New Leaf has professionals on hand who can accurately diagnose and treat mental illnesses as part of your rehab. This is called ‘dual diagnosis’ treatment.

What Treatments Should I Expect?

All the therapies used at New Leaf are evidence-based. That means that these are tried and tested treatments that get real results. They look at both the mental and physical aspects of addiction recovery.

Some examples of therapies used at New Leaf include:

  • Medication-Assisted Treatment
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
  • Holistic therapy

Medication-assisted therapy may be right for you if you’re struggling with heroin or opioid addiction. The goal is not to replace one addiction with another. Used for a short period of time, along with behavioral therapies, they can help you successfully transition to a drug-free life.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a gold standard treatment for drug addiction. It can help you to understand negative patterns of thinking and overcome them. 

Holistic therapy looks at the whole person. You are so much more than your addiction, and it does not define you. This form of treatment focuses on healing without medication. It equips you with tools and techniques you can continue to use at home to support your long-term recovery from addiction.

These are just three examples of the range of evidence-based treatment options available to you at New Leaf. The client-centered approach means that your individual needs will be understood. They will discuss the best treatment options for you so that you are set up for a life free from drugs.

Support With Interventions

You may have reached a point where you realize have realized that a loved one is on a destructive path. The problem is that they have not yet faced that fact.

Staging an intervention may be a good option for you.  Done right, they can be highly effective and get your loved one help before it’s too late. Alone, this may be hard to get right. New Leaf specializes in drug and alcohol intervention.

Getting the Best Laguna Niguel Rehab

It sure is an awesome place to live and offers many enviable facilities. But if you’re serious about getting the best rehab in Laguna Niguel, then it’s good to look a few miles down the road. 

Just 15 minutes away, New Leaf Detox and Treatment is ready and waiting to accompany you on your journey to an addiction-free life.Contact us to discuss the next steps.