Looking For Drug Rehab in Coto De Caza, CA?

coto de caza drug rehab

About 164.8 million people over the age of 11 have had an issue with substance abuse in the past month. Many of these cases were of alcohol addiction and Marijuana addiction. 

Finding help for drug and alcohol addiction can be tricky. Especially if you are in an area that doesn’t have many quality detox and treatment centers. 

Are you or a loved one suffering from substance abuse disorder and want help? Perhaps a Coto de Caza drug rehab center is right for you. 

Continue reading to find out why this may be true. 

The Coto de Caza, California Area

Coto de Caza is a small community with a population of around 15,000 people. It is beautifully maintained and features the Thomas F. Riley Wilderness Park. The wilderness park is a 544-acre wildlife sanctuary with several trails for hiking, biking, and horse trails. The area also has great shopping and restaurants and a long list of notable natives and residents. 

What Coto de Caza Drug Rehab Has to Offer

Coto de Caza has a beautiful wildlife sanctuary, nice shopping centers, and restaurants. What Coto de Caza is missing is a quality drug rehab center. 

Coto de Caza is a great place to live with lots to offer but, it may be difficult to find a good addiction treatment center in this area. You might consider traveling 14 miles to San Juan Capistrano for better rehabilitation treatment

New Leaf Detox’s Quality Care

New Leaf Detox and Treatment is a short drive from Coto de Caza. They offer premium drug and alcohol rehabilitation. New Leaf works toward sustained long-term recovery by equipping their clients with the skills to produce a meaningful character transformation. Their client-focused outlook allows for unique patient experiences and treatment. These help their patients detox and heal in ways that are specific to them. 

New Leaf offers all these treatments as part of their quality care

  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Psychotherapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Holistic therapy
  • Physical recovery
  • Yoga
  • Evidence-based therapy
  • Trauma-informed care

These treatments have proven over time to help people with substance abuse disorders. People who seek treatment live a drug and alcohol-free life that is both healthy and fulfilling. 

New Leaf Detox’s Drug and Alcohol Intervention

An intervention is a big step toward fighting one’s dependency on drugs or alcohol. Lots of people with substance abuse disorders don’t realize they need help until it is much too late.

You may know someone struggling with drug/alcohol abuse and dependency. If you do you may consider learning how to conduct an intervention with New Leaf. New Leaf detox can give you the tools to stage a safe and positive intervention. If you need help they also offer professional assistance. 

Here are some tips from New Leaf Detox and Treatment. These will allow you to carry out an effective intervention.

  • Plan your intervention carefully and stay on track
  • Consider getting help from a professional third party 
  • Have each attendee prepare an impact statement 
  • Focus on the positive and discuss the problem without placing blame
  • Offer your support and options for this person to get help
  • Set boundaries by letting the person know there will be consequences if they refuse to seek help
  • Follow up with them after they have a chance to decide what they want to do

Interventions do not always go according to plan, but if you try your best and follow these tips from New Leaf there is a chance that your loved one may seek help. If they do, they may need a medically managed detox, inpatient rehabilitation, and/or dual diagnosis rehabilitation. 

New Leaf Detox’s Medically Managed Detox

New Leaf, stands out as a nearby Coto de Caza drug rehab center, because of its expert staff. These staff members are prepared to help people with their substance abuse disorders, and assist them through their psychological and physical dependencies.

Drug and alcohol detox is usually the best way to begin rehabilitation treatment. you can expect a detox treatment program to last anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks. 

Often, the process of detoxification also comes with some disagreeable side effects which could take days to weeks to get control of. These side effects can include anxiety and nausea. But, our addiction specialists and professional staff can assess each patient, ensure they are medically and psychologically stable to withstand detox, and finally enter them into the program.

Leaving behind all the drugs or alcohol in one’s system in a safe environment is a crucial step to recovery. Professionals monitor each unique, medically managed detox 24/7 to ensure the safety of New Leaf’s patients.

New Leaf Detox’s Inpatient Rehab

What follows the detoxification is New Leaf’s inpatient rehabilitation. This is where patients learn valuable knowledge, life skills, and insight to battle their addiction. All the while, they are living in a drug and alcohol-free environment. 

Their residential rehab program includes individual therapy, group therapy, recreational activities, and an individualized treatment plan meant to serve only the patient.

New Leaf Detox’s Dual Diagnosis Rehab

Sometimes, patients with alcohol or drug addiction also struggle with mental illness. New Leaf Detox acknowledges this and offers their clients access not only to addiction specialists but to psychiatrists as well. This allows individuals to confront both their addiction and their mental illness through evidence-based programs at the same time. 

Dual diagnosis is when someone is diagnosed with both a substance use disorder and a mental illness. When this happens a specific treatment plan is necessary to assist with both. New Leaf Detox is prepared to provide an assessment and accompanying treatment plan for this type of patient.

What’s Next?

If you or a loved one needs Coto de Caza drug rehab, you may want to travel to San Juan Capistrano to receive the best care in the area. Our staff is ready to help you in your journey away from substance abuse. Contact us today to take the first step in turning over a new leaf.