Looking for a Drug Rehab Santa Cruz, CA? Practical Advice for Your Journey to Recovery

drug Rehab Santa Cruz

If you live in Santa Cruz, you most likely know the amazing benefits of the city. World-renowned beaches, an amazing climate, a vibrant culture. However, you’re also aware of the city’s drug problems. 

Close to 20 million people in the United States suffer from a substance abuse problem. To put that into perspective, that’s more people than the entire population of Chile. If you’re battling drug addiction, you’re not alone, but you must get help. 

If you’ve spent time googling “drug rehab Santa Cruz,” you’ve come to the right place. This article will offer drug rehab advice for those living in Santa Cruz. 

The Problem With California  

As stated before, Santa Cruz is a beautiful city with world-renowned scenic boardwalks, beaches, wharves, museums, and wildlife. The state of California, in general, is associated with a culture of relaxation. Whereas that other pinnacle of American culture — New York — is all about anxiety, rush, and productivity, California is all about laying low. 

Unfortunately, California has suffered from a serious drug problem for a long time. Overdose statistics are rising rapidly, synthetic drugs are becoming more popular than ever, and health care providers are prescribing opioids more than ever before. 

Drug use is an unfortunate part of the California ethos. Everything from movies to the songs of the Red Hot Chili Peppers has linked California’s idea of freedom to its self-destructive drug culture. In many ways, California is representative of all of the advantages and disadvantages of freedom in America. 

Alcohol is legal in America, and marijuana is on its way to legality too. In certain party cultures, the use of cocaine is widely accepted. However, this cultural acceptance has spread to ketamine, hallucinogenic, and much harder, more dangerous drugs in California. 

The Problem With Santa Cruz

The problem with Santa Cruz is largely a microcosm of the problem with California in general. Santa Cruz suffers from a drug problem, a homelessness problem, and a poverty problem. Many of the people who wind up addicted are homeless as well. 

Marijuana is legal in California, and many people grow their own. However, this isn’t the issue. The issue is mainly meth and heroin. 

Meth and heroin aren’t just addictive. They’re destructive. Meth can cause tooth decay, a collapse in the immune system, and malfunctioning kidneys. The biggest risk with heroin is overdose. 

California ended its ill-fated war on drugs when it realized that it wasn’t helping anybody. However, many cities still haven’t put in place resources to help out addicts. While it’s a step up not to throw addicts in jail for their disease, things need to be done to help these people. 

This has come to a head in Santa Cruz. Drug addiction is at an all-time high, and resources are still low. If you’ve found yourself struggling to find help, you’re not alone. 

Many people wish to stay where they are while they recover from drug addiction. They either can’t afford to move out or need the comfort of their own home. When they find out that there aren’t any good resources around, they’re far more likely to give up. 

While this is a deep societal issue that needs to be addressed, addressing the politics of the situation isn’t going to get you out of your addiction. It would be best if you started looking for alternative options. 

An Alternative

While it’s comforting to go to a rehab in your hometown, it’s not beneficial if your hometown is toxic. It would help if you started looking into options to get away. It might be tough at first, but you’ll find that getting away from it all will help you recover. 

Sever Ties

Are your friends encouraging your drug addiction? If so, getting out of the city can help. The shift in location will tell your brain that you’re entering a new phase in your life. 

If you go to a rehab in your hometown, the past is more likely to find you. You might be reminded of things that make you want to do drugs. Or worse, you might wind up with people who encourage you to do drugs. 

In rehab, you’re more likely to make new friends who will encourage a new lifestyle. Who knows, maybe you’ll even think of moving out. 

Give Family and Friends a Rest

If your circles in your hometown are supportive, it might be good to get out of the city anyway. Drug addiction takes a toll on those around you, whether you like it or not.

It can be important for you to give your family and friends time to rest and heal. Giving them this break will make them more likely to help you out effectively when you come back. You also won’t have to worry about being a burden on them. 

There Are Options 

There are many options for treatment that are a distance from the town you live in but still in California’s familiar state. New Leaf Detox and treatment provides Luxury rehab, bout also is affordable for most anyone with insurance. New Leaf is a detox and treatment center only six hours away in San Juan Capistrano. We specialize in treating some of the most pressing drug problems that face the Santa Cruz community.  

New Leaf even features a dual diagnosis program in case you’re suffering from several addictions. Don’t gamble on a location that doesn’t specialize in your specific problem; pick a place that cares. 

Drug Rehab Santa Cruz

There’s no use denying Santa Cruz has a big drug problem. While you might be googling “drug rehab Santa Cruz” looking for a solution, the solution might not be Santa Cruz at all.

Santa Cruz has a drug problem that’s only getting worse and worse; it might be your best option to get out to San Juan Capistrano, find yourself a new friend group, give your family rest, and explore your treatment options. For more information, contact us today.