Turning Down Alcohol in a Social Setting

Turning down alcohol

The term “sober curious” defines anyone interested in a sober lifestyle. If you identify in this way or already enjoying the benefits of a sober lifestyle, then social drinking and turning down a drink may present some challenges.

Read our guide on how to compassionately combat the anxiety of social functions as a sober person.

Remember Why You Are Sober

Above everything, remember why you are sober. You chose this lifestyle for a reason, and now you are navigating life with a new ideal and a fresh perspective. Keeping this in mind can help you stay calm, grounded, and grateful as you try to enjoy your social life.

Remaining courageous under challenging situations is the key to turning down drink offers and staying sober. Always prioritize your wellbeing, and don’t let other bully or peer pressure into doing something that you’re not comfortable with.

Occasionally you will have to remind your friends and family that you no longer drink and live a sober lifestyle. After a while, being sober around intoxicated people and declining drinks will not feel like a chore because of the mental stamina you have built over time.

Changing your life and circle of influence is not always an easy process, so have patience, be kind, and be compassionate to yourself as your journey through sobriety unfolds.

Be Honest With Your Peers

Living a sober lifestyle can be mentally demanding. Being honest with your friends and loved ones can help ease the tension in your mind.

Sometimes people can feel anxious about the “sober lifestyle” conversation. Relax; the pressure to say “no thanks” gets easier to handle over time.

Enjoy the fact that you’ve made a conscious decision to better your health. Not being honest about your decision of sobriety can make your transition even more difficult.

Transitioning into a sober lifestyle may require copious amounts of alone time. While social drinking used to be your thing, now may be the time to distance yourself from those people and situations entirely.

Be Compassionate to Yourself

Be compassionate to yourself and respect that you have taken the road less traveled. Those who appreciate you can respect that decision. After all, isn’t that the type of person you want to be around?

Being honest with yourself and your peers may take time to develop. In the meantime, give sober-style social outings a try and see how it feels to be sober while everyone else is under the influence of alcohol.

Ask yourself, what aspects of drinking socially do you like, and what aspects do you remember differently? Understanding this perspective can help guide you through the honest conversation that you are about to have.

A bonus of your honesty is that you might inspire your peers to join your sober lifestyle! There is a silver lining to your sacrifice.

Think About How Much Money You Are Saving

A well-deserved benefit of being sober is that you have the opportunity to save money. Your social drinks bar tab could be $0 as you stay hydrated while enjoying your friend’s company.

Alcohol can be expensive! A few drinks outside of happy hour can add up if you were a weekly social drinker. Enjoy saving that money for a healthy alternative.

Being sober while everyone is socially drinking can help you save a lot of money in the long run. Your liver is healthier, and alcohol-related illnesses are preventable. Say goodbye to lengthy medical bills in the years to come!

Make Sure Everyone Is Safe

It’s a well-known fact that alcohol inhibits your cognitive functions. While everyone around you is weakening their brain, use your alertness to keep everybody safe.

This may be stressful or anxiety-inducing if you are new to the sober lifestyle, but it could be an enriching experience in time.

As a sober socialite, you can make sure everyone gets home safe, altercations handled smoothly, and no one begins binge drinking.

Making sure that you are safe is the most crucial thing while everyone else is social drinking. This means that you may need to go home or change locations.

Prepare yourself for the possibility of your departure so that it can be as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Plan Your Hangover-Free Morning

Bye-bye hangovers! An incredible perk of your sober lifestyle is the banishment of hangovers. What are you going to do with this added time of wellness?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Enjoy a long hike while everyone’s still sleeping
  • Cook yourself a delicious breakfast!
  • Go out for a nutritious brunch
  • Work on your favorite hobby
  • Earn extra cash with your side-hustle

While everyone else is sick, you can enjoy the benefits of your vitality. Take advantage of your clear-head, hydrated muscles, and settled stomach!

Since you won’t have a headache or light sensitivity, challenge yourself with an early morning hike.

Enjoy a Mocktail While Social Drinking!

Mocktails are the best thing to cure your blues! The best part is that they are alcohol-free! That’s right; there is a virgin version of your favorite cocktails to enjoy drinking at parties.

Since drinking at gatherings is so popular, many trending bars and restaurants are creating their own mocktail recipes to cater to their sober patrons.

A mocktail is a great tool for people who enjoy the act of drinking while socializing. Much like cigarette smokers, past alcoholics recall the pleasurable sensation of drinking.

For a cigarette smoker, the act of smoking was the pleasurable aspect, so vaping has become a popular alternative.

Unlike vaping for ex-smokers, mocktails can use a wide array of healthy alternatives.

Any spirit-free libation is technically a mocktail so enjoy a juice blend, smoothie, or sparkling water. Popular mocktails include kombucha, flavored sparkling water, and ginger beer.

If your social setting is in a residential setting, then consider the BYOB option, or BYOM (bring your own mocktail). Head to your local grocery store for the ingredients to make your own mocktail!

Seek Help When You Need It

You don’t have to go through these challenges alone. Asking for help is a brave decision to help you stay sober while in social drinking situations.

Transitioning into a sober lifestyle can take its toll on your mental health. Our detox facilities offer you quality care from a compassionate staff to not have to detox alone.

Feel free to contact us with your questions and enjoy reading our recovery blog for inspiration and tips on maintaining your sober lifestyle.