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CBT in San Juan Capistrano - old
CBT in San Juan Capistrano - old
CBT in San Juan Capistrano - old

CBT for Substance Abuse in San Juan Capistrano

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is an often used and effective treatment found in many addiction recovery centers. It can treat a wide range of mental and behavioral disorders. At New Leaf Detox & Treatment, we use evidence-based practices, including CBT treatment, to help you overcome your struggle with substance abuse. Addiction is an all-encompassing disease that affects both the mind and body. Our San Juan Capistrano rehab treats the addiction and the mental health condition of the patient as well. 

CBT in San Juan Capistrano - old

What is Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy?

CBT is a type of psychological treatment used to treat anxiety disorders, depression, substance use disorders (SUD), and other mental health disorders. Developed by psychiatrist Aaron Beck in the 60s, he found that there was a significant link between a person’s automatic thoughts and their feelings or emotions.

He had patients describe their feelings when specific thoughts popped into their minds; often, patients were not fully aware of the thoughts but learned to identify them. In doing so, patients were able to track negative emotions or behaviors to their thoughts.

Core Principles of CBT

Dr. Aaron Beck found that the key to overcoming the patient’s difficulties was identifying and understanding these thoughts. Once that was done, they could “catch” the thought and change it before it develops into a negative emotion or behavior. Numerous studies have found that using this type of short-term, goal-oriented therapy treatment leads to a higher quality of life and supports long-term recovery.

CBT in San Juan Capistrano - old

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Types of CBT

While CBT treatment has core principles, there are a variety of techniques and approaches that can be implemented. These types of therapies can cover a range of disciplines, from structured psychotherapy approaches to self-help skills. Specific problems identified within a session are targeted and continuously worked on during one-on-one time with a therapist. CBT approaches can include:
CBT treatment
Identifying negative or false thoughts, behaviors, and emotional responses and changing them.

Addresses negative thoughts and behaviors while at the same time implementing skills that will help regulate emotions and enhance mindfulness. 

Using seven interconnected modalities: behavior, sensation, affect, cognition, interpersonal modalities, imagery, and drug or biological causes.

Identifying and challenging false or irrational thoughts and beliefs. Teaches patients to identify and change negative thought patterns.

Goals of CBT

The overall goal of cognitive-behavioral therapy is to help patients change their thinking and behavioral patterns. To do this, therapists will implement several different variations of CBT, such as:

Identifying the distorted thoughts that cause behavioral problems & learning to examine these patterns more logically or realistically.

Having a better understanding of the thoughts and behaviors of others and the motivations behind their actions.

Developing problem-solving skills and techniques to handle difficult/triggering situations.

Learning to be self-confident self-efficient in one’s skills and abilities.

Learning to face fears instead of actively avoiding them by imbibing in unhealthy behaviors.

Why it Works

While treatment might be short-term, cognitive-behavioral therapy is a gradual and repetitive process. It is a technique that the patient will continue to use throughout the rest of their lives. In time, they will be able to use their new coping mechanisms faster and more efficiently. CBT is a goal-oriented approach to treating addictive tendencies; by setting small achievable goals, patients can see their progress. 

CBT in San Juan Capistrano - old

For CBT to work, the patient must be willing and have the desire to get better. It takes repeated practice to re-train already learned thought patterns. However, it is an effective skill to relieve anxiety, depression, and negative behaviors when done correctly. Patients will be able to stop inaccurate or harmful thoughts from influencing their decision making and affecting their actions.

Benefits of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

CBT treatment has several benefits for bipolar disorders, borderline personality disorders, substance abuse, depression, and anxiety. Cognitive-behavioral therapy focuses on training your mind and having a better understanding of how automatic thoughts can influence actions, behaviors, and decision-making.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy at New Leaf Detox & Treatment

CBT treatment it is one of the most used and popular therapy types practiced in addiction rehabilitation centers today. Identifying and changing negative thoughts before they can influence emotions and behaviors can help prevent relapse and manage symptoms of mental health disorders.

 At New Leaf Detox & Treatment, our therapists will work with you in a one-on-one setting and in group therapy to teach you new coping skills that will improve your quality of life. Our San Juan Capistrano addiction recovery programs are made to meet the individual needs of all our patients. 

If you or a loved one struggles with substance abuse, mental illness, or a co-occurring disorder, contact us today. Our administrative team will help you get started on the path to recovery.

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