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Heroin Addiction Treatment - old
Heroin Addiction Treatment - old
Heroin Addiction Treatment - old

Heroin Rehab in Orange County, CA

Don’t let your heroin addiction take control of your life any longer.  With the proper treatment and programs, you can turn your life around and begin to live a healthier life.  At New Leaf Detox & Treatment, our caring and supportive staff are ready to help you on your recovery journey.  If you are looking for recovery options, our Orange County Heroin Rehab Center can be the perfect fit for you. We offer a variety of treatments and programs to help you find peace and begin your new and improved life today   

Heroin Addiction Treatment - old

Treatment For Heroin Abuse

According to the National Institute On Drug Abuse, many studies have been done over the years to help doctors and other medical professionals better understand heroin and its addictive effects that so many people in the United States suffer from every year.

Fortunately, there is an excellent selection of medically assisted drug addiction treatment options available today that professionally treat these dangerous substance use disorders. The dedicated addiction specialists at New Leaf Detox in San Juan Capistrano use their time and experience to create specialized research-based guides for each patient to ensure a strong and healthy long-term sobriety. 

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Common Side Effects Caused By Heroin Addiction

Heroin is commonly known to be an extremely addictive illegal substance that is capable of causing many fatal effects. In fact, heroin use has grown as popular as to be considered to be the cause of an epidemic that has lasted since the early 2000s. State and Federal agencies have shown reports stating that during the years of 2017 and 2018, there were approximately fifteen thousands people who lost their lives due to a heroin overdose. This was a substantial increase from 2010 when there were nearly 3,100 heroin overdose deaths.  The many effects of heroin can potentially be visible and felt almost immediately after use. The side effects of heroin addiction can have both short-term effects, including many signs and symptoms.

heroin addiction treatment

There are typically three initial side effects that lead to a full-blown addiction to the drug:


How quickly the euphoric state and other feelings appear.


The purity of the heroin, which determines the length of time it takes for effects to be felt.


How the heroin enters the body or how it is used. Injecting and smoking tends to cause addictions more quickly because of the short amount of time it takes for the drug to reach the brain.

The more long-term effects that are caused by heroin abuse have numerous physical, behavioral, and psychological consequences. Many of which have been seen including:

Horrible decision-making capabilities that cause many more hardships.

Increased risk of overdose that likely ends in permanent damage or death.

The development of additional mental health issues and emotional disorders.

Physical dependence that typically results in moderate to severe withdrawal symptoms that occur when they stop taking the heroin.

Growing tolerance which causes the person to continue using higher doses of the drug in order to reach the same desired effects (often leading to overdose).

Principles for an Effective Treatment Approach

It is of the utmost importance for our staff to provide patients with all of the best amenities and options that will make them as comfortable as possible.

The types of medication and treatment programs are both significant factors that potential patients or family members should be searching for when narrowing down the best-suited options for their particular circumstances.  Below are a couple of drug addiction principles and behavioral therapies that ensure the best outcomes can be achieved.  

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Heroin Withdrawals and Detoxification

As recently stated, individuals, struggling with heroin addiction likely experience both physical and behavioral side effects and symptoms that may vary in severity. The many signs and symptoms caused by the abuses of heroin can be severe and life-threatening. On the contrary, the behavioral signs and symptoms caused by the abuses of heroin oftentimes lead to severe consequences that the individual’s family, close friends, and even co-workers become victims.

Although gaining a better understanding of the different physical and behavioral symptoms of heroin addiction is very important, it is equally critical to learn more about the physical symptoms of heroin addiction. This helps interpret the more challenging withdrawal symptoms of withdrawal, which may be keeping someone back from achieving their ultimate goal of getting sober and heroin-free.

The first step taken at the beginning of the addiction recovery process is a full and medically-supervised detox program. These vital programs typically last for around 5 or 7 days, depending on the severity of the addiction and symptoms. 

During this period, certified addiction specialists and other medical staff work around-the-clock to ensure each patient’s health and safety is carefully preserved. 

heroin addiction treatment

Due to the intense effects and ugly history of heroin addiction, industry-professionals highly recommend detox programs to be seen as the best and most appropriate option to manage withdrawal symptoms.

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