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Does Health Net Insurance Cover Drug Rehab?

Are you trying to work out whether Health Net will cover a drug rehab for you or a loved one?

The good thing to know is that there is Health Net insurance for drug rehab. Still, there are a number of different factors you will need to consider before working out how to get care under your insurance policy. The most important thing to ask yourself is: Is it time to get professional treatment?

You may feel as though you are capable of doing your own drug rehab program at home. However there are many dangers involved with this, and the results will never be as good as those achieved with professional care. 

So, is it time to work out whether your Health Net insurance will cover professional drug rehab care?

In this article, we take you through the essential Health Net rehab information you need to know, including what services are available, how much different policies cover, and what the best way is to access services under your Health Net insurance policy. 

So, let’s get straight into the issue.

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Health Net Drug Rehab - old

What Is Health Net Insurance?

Health Net insurance is a major U.S. insurance provider, offering health coverage for more than 3 million people. That equates to around 1 out of every 12 people in California being covered by a Health Net insurance policy.  Health Net has a network of over 85,000 providers, including 314 hospitals. 

As well as providing for all standard medical costs, Health Net also offers specific services for drug and alcohol issues. These include behavioral health services, drug and alcohol abuse programs, and managed care services for prescription drugs. 

One of the benefits of Health Net Insurance is that it provides comprehensive healthcare coverage that integrates these services with other, more common health costs.  Not all of these programs are delivered via Health Net’s standard policies, however. Also, there are multiple ways that these services can be accessed through Health Net and its subsidiaries.   

What Drug Rehab Coverage Does Health Net Offer?

You can get access to a Health Net drug rehab service either by purchasing an individual service policy or by purchasing a more comprehensive policy that includes drug rehab services. In either case, Health Net maintains an extensive range of healthcare providers that can cover all aspects of a drug rehabilitation treatment. 

This treatment can also be administered at the same time as receiving help for related conditions, particularly those relating to mental health. A big part of recovering from drug addiction is solving underlying mental health conditions, such as depression and anxiety

These are often contributing factors for why people turn to drugs in the first place. But they also represent major barriers to recovery. At the same time, a drug rehabilitation plan may involve other behavioral therapies. This is because drug addiction can often be linked to other behavioral disorders or issues, such as compulsive behavior disorders. 

As a Health Net care provider, we can offer the following services to assist with drug rehabilitation:

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How to Access Health Net Rehab Care

Health Net insurance for drug rehab is administered through a number of different channels. For many Health Net members, drug rehab will be included in their comprehensive policies, including the Medicare and Medi-Cal policies. 

Drug rehab is catered for under the mental health provisions of those policies. In order to find out whether your Health Net insurance policy covers drug rehab, contact Health Net directly and ask them if you are covered for mental health treatments including drug rehab. 

You should be aware that, as of 2021, the California state legislature has made it necessary for health insurers to provide care for substance abuse disorders. Previously, this was not one of the essential categories that insurers were required to cover.

This means that if you have a comprehensive plan with Health Net, you should be covered for drug rehab. 

This change in the law reflects the fact that lawmakers have come to regard drug rehabilitation as an essential service for individual wellbeing and social positivity. So, if you are feeling at all concerned about the legal implications of seeking drug rehabilitation treatment, you should remember that the government is actually supporting you. 

If you do not have comprehensive Health Net insurance, you can still access drug rehab treatment through the company. The easiest way to access these services is through Health Net’s subsidiary company MHN.

Health Net Insurance for Drug Rehab through MHN Services

Affording rehab can be difficult for many people, which often means that purchasing a streamlined policy is the cheapest option. If you wish to do this, you should consider MHN’s Behavioral Health Solutions. 

The solutions that MHN offers will cover all aspects of your drug rehabilitation treatment. This will include things such as:


Once you are in the MHN system, you can access all of the services provided above. This will include holistic care and cognitive-behavioral therapy, in particular. 

If you are wondering how to pay for drug rehab, you can ask MHN directly how this is facilitated under the policy.

Don't Wait To Begin Your Recovery

The critical factor in any drug rehab program is early intervention. For this reason, you should contact Health Net directly to find out if you are currently covered for drug rehab under your existing policy. 

If you do not currently have Health Net insurance for drug rehab, you should immediately look into getting a streamlined service from MHN. Once you do have coverage, Health Net rehab services are easy to access. 

You can come to New Leaf Detox and Treatment and be confident that you will be receiving comprehensive care for your drug addiction or dependency. The most important thing is to take that first step, to reach out and ask for help. 

If you want to get rid of your drug addiction for good, why not get in contact with us today?

Your insurance could cover up to 100% of the cost of treatment. Send us your information and receive a free verification of benefits. All submitted forms or phone calls are completely confidential.