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Of all addiction treatment programs available, alcoholics anonymous, or AA, is one of the most well known. AA is a 12 step program. 12 step programs are faith based and can be very rigid in the processes associated with the program. Non 12 step rehab programs have been developed for those that do not have the same faith required for AA and are far more flexible in the treatment given. Non 12 step plans a science and evidence based programs designed for optimal outcomes. Our programs at New Leaf Detox and Treatment in Laguna Niguel, and San Juan Capistrano, are non 12 step rehab programs.

What does Non 12 step rehab mean? Rehab in California.

Non 12 step rehab programs are not faith based and are not based on the beliefs and have the same methods as standardized 12 step programs. The philosophy of 12 step programs can be rigid and can be contrary to evidence. Here are some of the major differences:

12 step programs believe you are powerless over your addiction. You need a higher power (religion, God) to overcome addiction is also a cornerstone of 12 step programs. These are the most glaring differences and cause the most issues with the general public.

Anything that isn’t a 12 step program is a non 12 step program. Non 12 step programs focus on your free will to overcome addiction, this gives you the power to overcome addiction and stay sober through the course of your lifetime, putting the responsibility of sobriety squarely on the individual.

Is there a better choice between 12 step or Non 12 Step Rehab?

Success rates are near identical between these types of programs. 12 step programs can be good for some as thousands of people have had success with them. The same can be said about non 12 step programs as thousands have also had success with these types of programs. Personal choice, religious belief, and your own philosophy is the major difference.

How do I know if a 12 step program or a Non 12 Step Rehab is right for me? Non 12 Step Programs in California

You have to make your choice between the 2 types of programs based on your personal beliefs, one is not necessarily better than the other, it is personal choice.

Both types of rehab have the same types of therapy, 1 on 1, group therapy, activities, and MAT, or medication assisted treatment is available across the board. Philosophy and religious beliefs are the main difference and you must decide what you believe. The other being whether you hae control, or whether this is left up to your God. Non 12 step gives you free will, and agency over the addiction. A good example is therapists in non 12 step programs will talk about you taking back control of your life where as in a 12 step program you must give up control to a higher power.

New Leaf Detox and Treatment in California & Laguna Niguel is a premier Non 12 step rehab

New Leaf Detox and Treatment in California, Laguna Niguel, San Juan Capistrano, Laguna Beach, Irvine, and Orange County, believes you are able to take control of your life and overcome your addiction with the proper therapy and tools that you will learn in recovery. If you have questions please give us a call and let us help you.

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