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Important to note kinds of animals accepted and to call first for permission to bring pet. There are people with pigs, dogs, cats, alligators, chimps, snakes , donkeys, rodents, as emotional support animals. Important to be clear what kinds of animals are allowed. People love animals, and just seeing a pet can turn your day around or relieve stress. Pets can be like family to some. If you have a pet and need addiction treatment, the idea of leaving your pet could be preventing you from going to rehab, or be a major stressor if your had to. If you are unsure if your pet will be allowed please give us a call, we do allow most any pets that are legal to have.That is why New Leaf Detox and Treatment provides  

Is there anything different about pet-friendly rehab, or pet friendly drug rehab in California?

No there is not any difference other than the option to bring your pet into rehab or treatment programs with you when you consider pet friendly rehab California. You will be responsible for the pet or any damages the pet may cause during rehabilitation, but if you are a responsible pet owner, there should not be any issue, and there will be others there to help with pet care if needed. Having the comfort of your animal best friend there with you is helpful in the process and it will be a benefit to go to a California pet friendly rehab program.

Are there benefits to going to a pet friendly rehab or addiction treatment in Laguna Niguel, California? Can pets make it easier to detox from addiction to drugs and alcohol?

Not having to absorb extra costs of pet care, or dealing with the worries of making arrangements for your pet, or being without your pet are all advantages to pet friendly rehab. Any stressors are not helpful when going to rehab of detox. Finding a trust worthy pet sitter or kennel is stressful enough, not to mention the worry while you are away from them. Bringing your dog or pet to pet friendly treatment is a huge plus so plan ahead. Additionally having your pet with you actually will decrease stress and make you much more comfortable during rehab and addiction treatment, that is scientifically proven. Having your pet will also help you develop social bond with others.

Will I benefit as much from Pet friendly rehab and pet friendly treatment centers in California if I bring my pets, dog, or cat?

Yes, you will get as much if not more from rehab with your pet. Your pet will bring you the reduced anxiety that is beneficial during rehab and treatment programs and will even help reduce the stress within the group. They will not interfere with daily activities related to rehab and therapy, only enhance them. Yes, you’ll be able to get as much – if not more than – what you’d get out of rehab if you went without your pet. There are outdoor activities at rehab pets may enjoy, and the social bonds and anxiety reduction that pets help with are well worth it. In summary pet friendly rehab California is a plus!
Is there anything I should know about bringing my pet to rehab in California? Will pet friendly drug rehab help with recovery and fighting addiction?
If you plan to bring a pet to rehab or detox in California, you need to know that you will be responsible for taking care of them. Bringing enough food to keep them fed, cleaning up behind them, taking them out to potty, and any other regular pet care needed. Pets must be up to date on vaccinations as well. If your pet has any behavioral issues or is dangerous, you must alert staff immediately before you commit to a program. Also if your pet might be dangerous to other pets in the facility you need to make us aware. Just being a responsible pet owner is a big part of being able to do pet friendly rehab & treatment.
New Leaf Detox and Treatment in Southern California is a premier rehab center that offers a wide range of pet-friendly rehab programs, ensuring that clients and their beloved furry companions can embark on their journey to recover together. Our comprehensive treatment program is designed to treat substance abuse, mental health disorders, and co-occurring conditions. One of the hallmarks of our treatment programs is the ability to provide pet-friendly options, allowing clients to bring their pets along to the residential treatment facilities. We believe in the healing power of the unconditional love that pets provide, making it easier for clients to feel supported and reduce the stress, anxiety, and behavioral health challenges often associated with addiction and mental health issues. Our medically supervised treatment programs are designed to treat withdrawal symptoms, ensuring the safety and well-being of our clients as they start their journey towards sobriety. At New Leaf Detox and Treatment, we understand the importance of privacy and offer inclusive options for clients with disabilities, including those who are visually impaired. We are committed to reducing barriers to treatment and providing accessible healthcare services. We work with a variety of insurance providers to verify insurance coverage, making the process of choosing the best rehab center and treatment program more straightforward. Our mission is to offer effective and challenging treatment options for clients from all walks of life, including LGBTQ individuals. New Leaf Detox and Treatment is dedicated to providing top-tier drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Southern California. Our licensed and experienced staff offers counseling, inpatient rehab, and aftercare services to help clients recover and maintain their sobriety. We recognize that drug addiction and alcohol addiction can often be better treated with the support of pet-friendly rehab options, ensuring that clients are more likely to recover successfully. If you’re seeking a drug rehab or alcohol rehab center in Southern California that prioritizes the well-being of both clients and their pets, New Leaf Detox and Treatment is here to accompany you on your journey to health and sobriety. Contact our helpline to learn more about our pet-friendly rehab programs and discover the many ways we can help you heal and recover. New Leaf Detox & Treatment is a
    Pet Friendly Rehab
Will insurance cover pet-friendly rehab?

Addiction treatment is covered among many insurance plans, however how much of it is covered may vary depending on the plan or carrier. Pet friendly rehab is no different than regular rehab to a carrier. Read through your plan or check with your provider to see if addiction treatment is covered, or speak with one of our addiction treatment specialists find out if our treatment programs are a match for you. There can be payment plans available for California pet friendly Detox & Rehab as well.

New Leaf Detox and Treatment in California & Laguna Niguel provides pet friendly rehab.

If you are ready for rehab and have a pet your would like to bring, please contact our facility in California, Laguna NiguelSan Juan Capistrano, Irvine, and Orange County  so we can get you the help you need right away. We will make sure you get the accommodations needed for you and your pet. We can also help advise with insurance as well, or payment plans if needed. For more information about Orange County pet friendly rehabs call us today. Our pet friendly rehab program serves
Laguna Niguel, San Juan Capistrano, Orange County, and California
, as well as anyone in the country who needs help with addiction.

Call us today and one of our specialist can help you get stated and give you the information you need to begin your recovery.