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At New Leaf Detox and Treatment Center in California & Laguna Niguel we treat individuals who suffer from substance abuse and addiction related illnesses.  We have a supportive staff that will help guide and assist you in your recovery.  There are different areas of treatment we focus on. First of all is Detox. The detox program will monitor you  in a safe environment while the detoxification process works. After you’ve completed your detox, the next part of the journey is integrated treatment. Integrated treatment is where you’ll receive mental and physical therapy. There are multiple treatment plans to choose from given your current needs. Please contact our Laguna Niguel Detox Center today. We’re ready to help!

The First Step in Recovery & Treatment from Addiction: Detox at a Certified Detox Center

Detoxification is the primary step because it gives you time for your body to remove the effects of the alcohol or drugs in your system. The time for detoxification differs for each individual. It depends on the substance as well as the frequency of use for that patient. At New Leaf Detox located in California & Laguna Niguel, we’ll access the amount of detox needed before you move on in the program this could take a couple days up to two weeks to complete. We provide a safe environment through this process with a caring staff on hand.

How Detox & Rehab Works, Addiction Treatment Programs at a Licensed Rehab Center or Detox Center in California

Your body is going to experience withdrawals from the substances involved. Withdrawals can be painful and very uncomfortable. Trying to detox on your own can be deadly. That’s why we provide medical attention, monitoring, and overall support through this process with a highly trained staff at a detox center. Detox can be scary for some and make taking the first step hard. That’s why were here. We want to offer a safe space to make this experience a successful one to help you on your road to recovery.

The amount of detoxification needed varies. We want to ensure you’re safe to move forward to treatment. The process may be completed in a few days, but some patients may need more time for the withdrawal symptoms to cease. In some cases this could take as much as a couple months.

There are a multitude of factors that may increase the need for longer detoxification.

New Leaf Detox & Treatment In California is A Premier Detox Center & is an Accredited Rehab Facility

Common symptoms of withdrawals from opium and alcohol addiction may include anxiety, vomiting, and tremors. More complicated symptoms include seizures and psychomotor agitation.

To begin the Detox process, we start with an assessment. Highly trained physicians meet with you and do a blood analysis to indicate how much treatment is needed based on the amount of the substance in the blood.

The next step in detoxification is stability. Some made need medication at this point to curb the effects of the substance and the symptoms of withdrawal to ensure the patient can safely detox.

The next step in detoxification is stability. Some made need medication at this point to curb the effects of the substance and the symptoms of withdrawal to ensure the patient can safely detox.

The last step is entering into a treatment program. At New Leaf Detox and Treatment Center in Laguna Niguel, and San Juan Capistrano, we offer inpatient treatment that will aid in your recovery moving forward. After the drugs/Alcohol has been removed from your system, inpatient treatment will help with the mental and physical needs of the patient through therapy and counseling in a safe environment specialized in treating patients with substance abuse problems. We focus on teaching you the skills to deal with your addiction and also underlying effects of that condition. We have a multitude of programs and assistance to help you have a healthy lifestyle moving forward. The journey to recovery can be hard, but with our help the odds of success are increased dramatically. Quitting on your own can be physically unsafe, and prevents the patient from receiving help for the reasons they’re using in the first place. Our program provides an overall approach to give you tools to live a sober life.

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