Of all the available types of rehab out there, inpatient rehab is the most effective for many reasons. While in an inpatient rehab facility you will work to overcome your addiction and build a foundation for life long sobriety. Inpatient rehabs generally range from one to three month stays.

There is a great deal that happens while you are in an inpatient rehab, learn more below.

What is Inpatient Rehab like? Rehab in California

Inpatient rehab is the most thorough and safe type of rehab. It is crafted and personalized to your needs and statistically gives you the best chance of success. The process can take from one to three months to finish. You must undergo detox before entering an inpatient rehab. While in rehab you work one on one with therapists, participate in various activities, and attend group therapy. During this time, you will get to the root of your addiction, and learn strategies to help you cope. You will not have access to alcohol or drugs to prevent relapse while you also build the foundations you will need to have a full and lasting recovery.

During that time you will work 1 on 1 with therapists, participate in group therapy, and participate in holistic healing activities as well as other outdoor activities. You will learn the skills needed for long term recovery.

What is the benefit of inpatient rehab? Do I need Rehab?

Inpatient rehabs are more successful than outpatient rehabs for many reasons. Just that fact that inpatient rehabs remove you from acess to drugs or alcohol prevents the option of relapse. On top of that there are no distractions, you can focus all of your energy on your recovery. Inpatient rehabs also remove you from any triggers you may have in the real world. You also maximize your therapy time, both one on one therapy and group therapy and forge closer bonds with support groups. You have more time to develop health habits and coping mechanisms before being in a tempting situation where you may relapse. There are many reasons that inpatient rehab is better than outpatient, however some situations may call for outpatient rehab that are unavoidable, inpatient rehab is nearly always a better option.

How do I decide which Inpatient Rehab Program to choose in California? Alcohol & Drug Rehab

The best program for you will depend on your personal needs. Maybe certain activities will interest you more than others, there are many programs that offer things like hiking, equine therapy, yoga, or nearly anything you can imagine. Your choice of rehab could depend on your budget, some are far more affordable and there is the opposite end of the spectrum as well with luxury rehabs. There are many types of rehab available, speaking with an addiction treatment specialist that can walk you through the options is likely the easiest way to understand your options.

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