Withdrawal symptoms can be extremely painful and dangerous depending on the addiction. Medication assisted treatment, or MAT, may be a good option if the addiction and withdrawals are severe. These medicines help with the symptoms of withdrawal and the cravings that come with it, and can help prevent relapse and make the process much easier and more comfortable. New Leaf Detox & Treatment provides Medication Assisted Treatment Laguna Niguel.

(MAT) Medication Assisted Treatment in Laguna Niguel: What is it?

Medication Assisted Treatment, or MAT, can be part of the detoxification and rehabilitation process. MAT is when you are provided with medications to ease withdrawal symptoms and cravings to make you recovery easier. Severe addictions to drugs or alcohol can require MAT to safely detox and maintain sobriety. You can be prescribed and have these medicines given during the detox and rehab periods, and sometimes long after depending on the addiction. Usually MAT is reserved for opiate and heroine addiction, and some other drugs that are very dangerous and have sever withdrawal symptoms. MAT increases the likelihood of success in long term recovery and prevents relapses.

Is MAT or Medication Assisted Treatment in Laguna Niguel right for me?

MAT is generally reserved for sever cases and dangerous drugs with severe withdrawal symptoms. Opiates, heroine, meth, and other types of extremely addictive substances are candidates for MAT. If you have a severe addiction, or are using a dangerous drug, or are having severe withdrawal when you try to quit, then MAT may be right for you.

The only way to really know if MAT is a good option is to speak with an addiction treatment specialist, or therapist about your addiction. Depending on your history they will make a recommendation.

What makes for a good MAT or Medication Assisted Treatment Program in Laguna Niguel? Is Medical Detox Better?

All alcohol and drug rehab centers can prescribe these drugs, the differences are in the services offered and the support staff at the facility. The experience and education of licensed staff makes a big difference. As long as you are being treated by a licensed staff and getting the treatment you need then MAT can be a great option for you as it does improve success rates.

New Leaf Detox and Treatment in Laguna Niguel, Orange County, California provides one of the top MAT or Medication Assisted Treatment programs.

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