There are many types of rehab facilities that offer many programs. Choosing the right one is an
important step and understanding the differences will help you make the right choice. Outpatient rehab is one of the many options you have. Outpatient rehab has some benefits for patients that may not have
the ability to live in an inpatient facility due to responsibilities such as work or family. In those cases
Outpatient may be a good choice.

What are the pros and cons of Outpatient Rehab?

Outpatient rehab allows you to live at home while you receive addiction treatment during the day at a facility. Outpatient rehab is flexible compared to inpatient rehab for those that may not be able to make the commitment to inpatient rehab because of things like work, or family. Inpatient rehab has higher success rates, but some rehab is better than no rehab. Outpatient rehab has cons such as being able to relapse, in a supervised setting you can’t. Being exposed to everyday stressors at home or work can cause relapse.

Describe what Outpatient rehab is like.

You get all of the same therapy you would get in an inpatient rehab and the process is mostly the same. There is 1 on 1 therapy, group therapy, and some activities with your group and counsellors. Medication assisted therapy is also available for outpatient rehab. The main differences are being exposed to the temptations of the outside world when in outpatient and not inpatient.

Is outpatient rehab the best choice for me?

That is some you will have to decide for yourself. However, some rehab is better than no rehab if you cannot live in an inpatient facility. Outpatient rehab can beneficial and you can have a successful recovery, it is just that you will still be exposed to temptations and stressors that may cause relapse very early and that is hard to resist. Inpatient rehab takes all that away and you will not have the chance to relapse until you have the tools in place to deal with your addiction better. In the end inpatient rehab is probably best, but you need help if you have a substance abuse problem and outpatient rehab is an option if you need something more flexible, you can recovery with outpatient rehab.

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