Sober Living  provides you with a place to stay in a structured environment with other recovering addicts. People in sober-living homes abstain from alcohol and drugs while participating in outpatient rehab, or after completing inpatient rehab. Sober Living can be an important step after completing rehab. Not everyone needs to live in a

sober living home after successfully completing rehab, however there are many instances whereit can be beneficial.

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What is a Sober Living Home? Sober Living in Laguna Niguel.

Sober Living Homes are a residential living facility where you live with other recovering addicts work toward recovery. Most of the time there will be Counselors available and structure to help you develop better habits and living skills. There will likely be some group therapy and you will continue to develop relationships with people that can be supportive in your journey through recovery.

Sober Living also can go by the name Halfway House. The length of stay at these facilities can vary greatly. It is usually up to the patient how long they want to stay. Some need and benefit from the structure, some feel they are ready to move on in a short amount of time. The choice is yours. New Leaf Detox and Treatment provides Sober Living in Laguna Niguel.

When does sober living come in the rehab process? Laguna Niguel Sober Living Homes.

You can move into a Sober Living Home after you have completed rehab successfully. Sober living homes are there to help you transition from rehab back into the real world and help you develop the skills to do so successfully. Sober Living homes can often be a good decision if you have an unstable homelife, or your living situation is particularly stressful or not conducive to your recovery.

Does insurance cover the cost of sober living homes in Laguna Niguel, Orange County, California?

Some insurance does cover sober living, you may need to speak directly with one of our
addiction treatment specialists to find out if your particular insurance plan covers sober living. If your insurance does not cover sober living there may be other option for you such as payment plans, or asking help from family or loved ones.

Is Sober Living Expensive in Laguna Niguel, Orange County, California?

The costs of living in a sober living home can vary widely depending on many factors. If
insurance will help you then it is obviously more affordable. In the case insurance does not cover sober living, then factors such as location can play a big factor in how much sober living costs.

Some sober living homes have more to offer than others in the way of therapy or activities and amenities. These are all factors as well. Though in many cases sober living can be less expensive than living on your own because you are splitting bills with others in the same house.

What are the good points of doing sober living in Laguna Niguel, and staying at a halfway house instead of going home after rehab?

Because everyone living in a sober living facility is going through similar challenges, living in
one can help you stay on track toward recovery because the other residents can help hold you
accountable. You’ll also be able to develop meaningful relationships with other residents and
staff members, and those relationships can benefit you even after you leave the facility.

Sober living homes also offer a unique sense of independence. You can still have a job, be social, control your diet, travel, and participate in other activities while in a sober living facility. You’re living your normal life in a supportive, encouraging environment.

What are the rules at sober living facilities in Laguna Niguel, California?

The rules of sober living facilities can vary based on location, whether not a facility is coed, the number of residents, and other factors. Alcohol and drugs are not allowed. Medical supplies and other personal care items may be inspected to make sure no prohibited items are being used in the facility. How certain rules are enforced depends on the protocols at each facility, so it’s important to ask questions about that while you’re scouting sober living home

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